Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The only question is what sort of editor do you need. Here is a rough guideline. If you want the overall story to be improved, seek a developmental editor. If you just can't get the words to sound right, or are having troubles with clarity, you need a line editor. If you didn't know that the plural for attorney general is attorneys general and not "attorney generals" you could very well need a proofreader/technical editor. Here at Gartner Editing L.L.C. you can get developmental edits and line edits as a special order.

While I specialize in romance and horror I will also take clients from other genres.  I chose to specialize because I absolutely love to read romance and horror! I am especially keen on the obligatory scenes and conventions of these genres and am better attuned to cliches and overdone tropes.

No. Any editor who assures you that they can get your work published is lying to you (unless they own the publishing house). However, getting a proper edit from a professional can greatly increase your chance of publishing success. Not only can an editor help you polish your manuscript into something publishable, he/she can also provide resources that can assist in the next phase of your journey.

Absolutely, nothing is too obscene for me to edit.

Yes and no. I accept Scrivener for all edit types except line edits. This is because Microsoft Word has the best Track Changes function that I have been able to find, and I don't use a Mac. That being said, if you don't have Word, and don't want to get Word, I'm sure that we can find a workaround.

No editor can promise perfection. We offer advice and counsel that will strengthen the work, but ultimately it is up to you, the writer, to implement the changes. A good edit will elucidate where you can improve and can point you in the right direction, it won't be magic.

My pricing and pricing structure is competitive. While I am open to negotiation and payment plans, I generally will not lower my rates. If you work for a charity or are a member of the Armed Forces, you can apply for a free or discounted rate. I would just need documentation.

Also, I will offer a reduced rate or free edits if you let me show the editing process to the world via YouTube. This is a huge cost saver for you, and you retain the rights to publish and profit from the work. You also have the choice of being anonymous. I don't offer this option to everyone, just those with manuscripts that could help me highlight a particularly common or cool problem that I feel would help my audience improve their writing.

That's ok and understandable. You have spent countless hours on your work, and have likely had sleepless nights over it. This is your creation, your book baby, your story, your life. I understand.

The passion that made the manuscript as awesome as it is, is the same passion that makes edits excruciating. Before you scrap the whole edit and punch a wall, send me a message. I will clarify my reasoning behind any particular edit and walk you through my thought process.

Editing is about allowing an unbiased and educated outsider an opportunity to provide insightful and informed feedback, from which you can make educated decisions. Once you have this feedback it is ultimately your call whether or not to implement a change. All writing is art, and all art is subjective.

You can message me directly below.