I am a StoryGrid Certified editor focused on growth, form, and function who specializes in Horror and Romance fiction.

My most important goal is to provide resources that will improve your writing and help you grow in the craft.

As a StoryGrid nerd, I believe that when looked at from the mountain top all compelling stories will fit their genreā€™s form. There may be no template or mad lib for producing great stories, however, there are real and useful models that can help to convey your theme and make an impact on your reader.

My job and my joy is to apply those models to your project to make it as strong as it can be.

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Griffin is seriously a gold mine. I am so so lucky to have found him. I will definitely be hiring him for all my future projects. He's professional. His communication is great. He really gives to the project. I am so so grateful to have found him!

-Lauren B. -YA Romance Author

Novel Editing

Make your masterpiece the best it can be with flexible editing packages. No matter what phase in the novel writing process you are in, there are options for you.

Short Story Editing

Solid short stories are how many great writers get their start. Before you send your story to a magazine, get it edited!

I contacted Griffin to help me complete a manuscript evaluation. Griffin was prompt not only with his communication, but also with his work. After telling him about my timeframe it was apparent he started his work immediately; his work was submitted to me several days before I was expecting it! I thought that he may have rushed his work since it was so fast, but it was apparent this was not the case when I read the notes.

Griffin was meticulous.

To say I had my work cut out for me would have been an understatement, but I was very grateful to have had such a detail-oriented editor.

-Devyn H. - Horror Author

Editing in Action!

Catch Kim Kessler and I on Sundays 5-7pm Central Time. We talk story and edit live.

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